Winter is coming…er is here now…

Before we get down to musings…. The updates are legion on the site. The resources section has new information on starting seeds, what to plant when, and a new guide to pickling developed by our friends at Check it out!  The events page has been updated to highlight school visits and my family’s most[…]

How does the garden grow? Well…

Quick “Our Garden” book update before we get to this week’s blog post. I’ve updated the events page to include a more detailed description of Steve and my appearance at the annual Scholarshare Children’s Book Festival. Check it out here for more information. I’ve also added a few more garden resources for both current and[…]

A bit of Sacramento Gardening History

I never knew the garden of my youth was called the St. Francis Community Garden until recently. Few people know about it or remember it, but it was a part of the fabric of midtown Sacramento long before anyone had ever uttered the phrase “farm-to-fork.” Many remember the old Mandella garden that was shut down[…]

Guest Post on Mama Momtourage!

Hi folks–Today I’ve written a guest post for my friend Amanda’s website “Mama Momtourage!” Amanda and I were classmates at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, and her site is definitely worth checking out. She’s a great Mom, always stylish and has awesome ideas for having fun with your kiddos. And she’s a very kind person[…]


It is a surreal thing to see one’s name listed next to a book for sale. Humbling as well, because this book only happened because so many people inspired it and helped it come to fruition. Our Garden at its heart has always been a love story celebrating fatherhood, childhood, and family as much as[…]