Happy Spring

Just a quick post today to say Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And Happy Spring to just about everyone else in the northern hemisphere! While I’m at it–Happy Autumn to any dear readers in the southern hemisphere. Right. Basically–happiness wished from me to you whatevs.

Anyhoo–it is Spring in these parts. In our garden that means legumes, green onions, carrots, chard, kale and radishes.


The flower picture above was taken by my mother-in-law, Linda, of a dutch heirloom snap pea. The pea pods that form (as shown in the other picture–taken by yours truly) are just as beautiful as the flowers, and taste similar to the other snow peas I have growing in the garden. Normally we plant favas as well, but well, I ordered them, and then I didn’t get around to planting them. If I haven’t mentioned it–Spring is also a time where I put stuff off that I meant to do.

That said–the kiddos and I have been starting seeds for our summer garden in our makeshift greenhouse. Normally I keep a detailed list of what we’re starting, but this year I didn’t. And by “normally I keep a detailed list” I actually mean that I intend to keep a detailed list but don’t get around to making it and luckily I can remember what I’ve got growing.  So, yeah–SSDD. That would be “Same soil, different day.” What did you think that means? Sheesh, people.

image image

The little start featured in detail is a jalapeño or as we say in Northern Calfiornia–a hellapeño. See what I did there. Get it–hella..Northern Calif…ok I’m embarassing my kids now. You can lead a dad to humor, but you can’t ensure the jokes won’t be Dad jokes… Or Garden Dad jokes.

One cool thing–a Happy Birthday to my big sister Mary! I have so many fond memories of running around the “big garden” as kids with her and my younger brother, Patrick as kids. It is no wonder we all turned out gardening. In fact, yesterday when we got together to celebrate Easter and our birthdays (all of us were born from Feb-March)–we  ended up getting each other garden related gifts. Love those wacky gardening sibs of mine.

And love to all of you. Happy Spring!

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