Listen to your mother-in-law!

Hi all,   Just a quick public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood gardener: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW! There we go. That is all. Resume your regularly scheduled whatevering. That said, if you’d like a bit of clarification for these remarks,     Then hear o’ hear my tale of woe, from a summer many Read more about Listen to your mother-in-law![…]

It’s Cold!

Well friends, it’s cold. Granted, those of you in more northerly latitudes are collectively playing a concerto on a collection of the world’s smallest violins. And you’re right, you’ve got it worse. But still, my little plants that I optimistically planted a few months ago are threatened by ol’ Jack Frost. Same with my citrus Read more about It’s Cold![…]

So long Garden Guru, and thanks for everything.

Hi folks, This is a tough post to write. I’ve put it off for months, but I wanted to record a small tribute to a truly lovely man. As I’ve mentioned previously, my father had been sick for over two years in the hospital. After a hard fight, he passed away in September. Not a Read more about So long Garden Guru, and thanks for everything.[…]

The post where I wax philosophical about my favorite summer sandwich

Many years ago, when I was young and athletic, a friend and I decided to embark on a journey whereby we would make the ultimate sandwich. And by young and athletic, it was really more “young” than athletic. But whatever. We saved our money and bought almost every deli meat, cheese, pickle, onion, slice of Read more about The post where I wax philosophical about my favorite summer sandwich[…]

Lemon curd, a goodbye and remembrance

Lemon curd is pretty much what you’d imagine sunshine to look and taste like. I’ve made it a number of times in a number of ways, but tonight’s recipe is something a little different. You see, my wife’s paternal grandmother, my grandmother-in-law, recently passed away after a long life living in Newcastle, England. Given the Read more about Lemon curd, a goodbye and remembrance[…]

Winter is coming…er is here now…

Before we get down to musings…. The updates are legion on the site. The resources section has new information on starting seeds, what to plant when, and a new guide to pickling developed by our friends at Check it out!  The events page has been updated to highlight school visits and my family’s most Read more about Winter is coming…er is here now…[…]

The Halloween when I almost punched a guy…and a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds

The family and I had a great time celebrating some of the traditions of Halloween. These include trick-or-treating, watching a toddler in a bee costume melting down on a driveway because why not, carrying said toddler home to watch a PBS program so kid dressed as a ladybug could trick-or-treat some more, and carving pumpkins. Read more about The Halloween when I almost punched a guy…and a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds[…]

Saucy Fried Green Tomato Sauce

Waste not, want not.– Old timey proverb Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry. — Pope Francis. What do you mean you’re all done? You haven’t touched it! You can’t throw that away. No. Do not throw it in the sink. Do not throw it in Read more about Saucy Fried Green Tomato Sauce[…]

Interesting Stuff

Such a funny thing, this little book. Last weekend, Our Garden, and my family’s gardening related history, was the subject of a story in the Sacramento Bee by the excellent garden writer Debbie Arrington. Go ahead. Give it a read. I’ll wait. Pretty cool, huh? This book is by no means a runaway bestseller (yet!–Ha!), but those who have Read more about Interesting Stuff[…]

How does the garden grow? Well…

I’ll be honest. I’ve been a little disappointed with this year’s tomato crop in the Domek backyard. Originally, there were 21 plants. My soil was perhaps a bit overtaxed, and having a limited area to plant, I haven’t rotated crops probably as much as I should. In truth, given the year we’ve had around these Read more about How does the garden grow? Well…[…]

A garden oddity…

Lots of people keep a bale of straw in their car’s trunk. Really…I’m sure of it…   As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, sometimes gardeners get unfair reputations.  “Not weird” is another example of this particular besmirchment. Having been a gardener since pretty much the moment of birth, I can tell you that gardeners are Read more about A garden oddity…[…]

A bit of Sacramento Gardening History

I never knew the garden of my youth was called the St. Francis Community Garden until recently. Few people know about it or remember it, but it was a part of the fabric of midtown Sacramento long before anyone had ever uttered the phrase “farm-to-fork.” Many remember the old Mandella garden that was shut down Read more about A bit of Sacramento Gardening History[…]

Life moves pretty fast…News on Book Events

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for awhile, you could miss it.” –Ferris Bueller Such an interesting week from so many different areas of life. On the book front, we’ve firmed up our Northern California kickoff event at Time Tested Books in Sacramento for August 6. I could not be Read more about Life moves pretty fast…News on Book Events[…]