Guest Post on Mama Momtourage!

Hi folks–Today I’ve written a guest post for my friend Amanda’s website “Mama Momtourage!” Amanda and I were classmates at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, and her site is definitely worth checking out. She’s a great Mom, always stylish and has awesome ideas for having fun with your kiddos. And she’s a very kind person Read more about Guest Post on Mama Momtourage![…]

Tom Sawyering: Kids in the Garden

We gardeners have an unfair reputation as wholesome and honest. Upstanding citizens even. Puuuuhhhleaaaassee. Lies, I tell you. Lies! When it comes to slugs or horn worms, many of us are downright vicious. And believe it or not, we aren’t always truthful…especially when it comes to discussing last year’s harvest–(it was epic. Thanks for asking…). Or Read more about Tom Sawyering: Kids in the Garden[…]

Father’s Day reflection: A plethora of plums

In my mind, plum jam indicates that summer is in full swing. Images of my mom leaning over a hot stove; of condensation dripping down the windows in a small stifling kitchen made even more sauna-like by the boiling batches of jam. But the smell of the jam cooking takes me back to the beginning Read more about Father’s Day reflection: A plethora of plums[…]