June 15, 2015

Garden Resources


Family Gardening Resources

  • Want to get started gardening? The National Gardening Association has some excellent resources that families, new gardeners, and anyone who enjoys digging in the dirt can find useful. Visit http://www.garden.org/ to learn almost everything there is to know. Our favorite section is found here and has great ideas on how to involve kids in the process.
  •  Worms are the unsung heroes of the garden (and Our Garden). Get to know more about them with this Beginner’s Guide to Earthworms, courtesy of Andrea Davis at Improvenet.
  • Starting your vegetables from seed can save you money. And it isn’t really thaaaat hard. Here are some tips to get you started, also courtesy of the University of California. And here’s a novel method using coffee filters.


Pest control without poisoning yourself or your friends

  • For a great primer on getting rid of common garden pests, head over to Fix.com, and see this piece by the excellent Abby Quillen.


So you’ve grown stuff—now what?

  • The Gardeners Network provides a searchable database of recipes featuring common vegetables grown in family gardens.
  • We loooooove pickles. And not just pickled cucumbers. If you want to know how to SAFELY pickle just about anything, check out this great infographic from Fix.com.


Inspiring Kids

  • The California Food Literacy Center works with low-income kids to inspire them to eat their vegetables, and help the next generation of Californians to know the origins of their food. And they have an excellent collection of recipes, activities, and a great blog to boot. Check them out!